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  • What does the BNPC do?
    The BNPC non-profit board implements the approved written Barrio neighborhood plan, which contains 19 goals and 36 strategies to revitalize this neighborhood. The plan was approved by the City Council in April 2018.
  • Who runs the BNPC?
    The BNPC consists of 8 board members who meet once a month, on Zoom, to discuss the neighborhood plan and work on ten projects in motion. This board began in January 2019. Please check the Calendar on the Homepage for the meeting dates.
  • What are the ten projects in motion?
    10th Avenue lighting project, install a new monument and historical directory at 10th South Arthur Street, improve inadequate alleys between 9th and 10th Avenue and 10th and 11th Avenue, install painted bus stop benches, neighborhood alley and street clean up days twice a year, apply for funding, 3rd Avenue underpass murals, Barrio wellness clinics (closed due to Covid19), and Opportunity Zone.
  • How may I get involved?
    Please complete a volunteer or board member application on our new website and submit it. The BNPC board will review it and contact you by phone.
  • Which volunteer opportunities are currently available?
    You can help with fundraising efforts to fund the 10th Avenue Streetscape and help to clean this neighborhood’s alleys and streets in April 2021 and September 2021 on a Saturday for three hours.
  • What is the 10th Avenue streetscape?
    It is our first project in motion, which consists of the following revitalization: ADA accessible sidewalks, recycled paved alleys on 9th and 10th Avenue and 10th and 11th Avenue, decorative street lamps, cedar elm trees, crosswalks, bus stop benches.
  • What was the purpose of installing the Welcome to El Barrio street toppers and oval signs?
    We want to invite everyone to visit our neighborhood, especially visitors. 50 colorful street toppers and nine oval signs were installed in December 2020 by the City of Amarillo. Generous sponsors paid for the street toppers and the BNPC paid for the oval signs.
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