Plans & Goals:

There are 19 goals and 36 strategies in the Barrio neighborhood plan. The six themes include: 


One example of Infrastructure is to survey and install recycled paved alleys between 9th and 10th Avenue and 10th and 11th Avenue in 2021. Alley funding is provided by the 2016 City bond, which the BNPC board voted to use for this project. 

Neighborhood Identity & Amenities

Neighborhood identity and amenities include recording the history of the Barrio in a book called Amarillo Barrio Historical District:  Past, Present, and Future, which was published in 2018. A colorful outdoor historical mural was painted at the 10th Avenue underpass where five Barrio historical sites are featured on the south side and Center City sites are on the north side.  A Barrio historical map was designed and distributed in 2019, which includes 12 churches, 23 historical sites, and 18 business and organization sponsor logos. Fifty street toppers and nine oval signs were installed in December 2020 to welcome everyone to El Barrio at the main corridors. 

10th Avenue Barrio mural.jpg
Neighborhood Health

A free Barrio Wellness Clinic began in December 2018 to help address three medical concerns: obesity, diabetes, and infant mortality. Dental and medical screenings were conducted by numerous adult and student volunteers for 275 adults and children during 11 clinics. This clinic is temporarily closed now due to COVID-19.

Neighborhood Safety

Neighborhood safety is very important to our residents. Power Church started a neighborhood Watch program and they host an annual Barrio Bash with free exhibits, food, and entertainment with a family friendly environment. Two Amarillo Police Department community police officers are housed at the Amarillo Wesley Community Center where they work full-time to patrol the neighborhood and address residential and business concerns. 

Residential Development & Maintenance

Beautify El Barrio is one project to help address residential development and maintenance. Two annual clean-up projects of streets and alleys are conducted by volunteers and the City of Amarillo employees during the spring and fall. A recent City grant will be used to purchase a pressure washer and supplies to clean senior citizen driveways, three City Park sidewalks, the 10 th Avenue Underpass, and other Barrio areas prior to various BNPC celebrations.

Non-Residential Development & Maintenance

The BNPC focuses on 10 projects in motion. The first project in motion is the 10th Avenue Streetscape, which runs seven blocks, east to west, from Garfield to Ross Street. The 10th Avenue Streetscape includes the following renovations to be implemented in 3 phases:  

ADA accessible sidewalks, crosswalks, bus stop benches, cedar elm trees, decorative lighting,  paved alleys between 9th and 10th Avenue and 10th and 11th Avenue, engraved brick pavers installed around the decorative lighting, and tables with umbrellas and chairs for seating.